3D Pipe Tools for AutoCAD


This program allows to build 3d pipes in Autocad according to the pointcloud, join them with elbows, reducers, t-joints, extract centerlines.

Main features

  • Semiautomated pipe fit to structured point cloud
  • Semiautomated pipe fit to unified point cloud
  • Build pipe from centerline
  • Automatic pipe join eith elbow
  • Build t-joint, reducer, flange
  • Pipe centerline extraction



Command name Description
Fit pipe Extracts pipe centerline from structured point cloud and asks to specify pipe diameter. Makes a pipe of specified diameter as a cylinder.
Pipe align Aligns view to pipe in unified point cloud and asks to specify a 3-point circle of pipe. Makes a pipe as a cylinder.
Connect pipe Joins several pipes with an elbow of specified raduis.
Join centerlines Joins several centerlines of pipes, even if they are skew lines.
Extract centerline Extracts centerline from cylinder pipe
Pipe from centerline Builds a pipe of specified diameter from selected centerline.
T-connect Select first base pipe and then select second pipe, which you want to connect to the base pipe with T-join.
Reducer Builds a reducer from two pipes of different diameters.
Flange Inserts a flange in the middle of the pipe as a cylinder, which can be adjusted with grips.

Privacy policy:

This app doesn't collect any user data and doesn't share it with third parties.


Simply run the installer and give it admin rights if it asks about it.

Trial description:

You can download the program for free and use it for 15 days in trial mode. If you like it, you can buy the license and unlock the software for unlimited use. Please, send me an e-mail with your license code to obtain an activation code.


Company Name: Denys Gorkovchuk

Company URL: http://www.gorkovchuk.com

Support Contact: d.gorkovchuk@gmail.com

Author/Company Information

Denys Gorkovchuk

Support Information

Write me d.gorkovchuk@gmail.com

Version History

Version number Version description
1.0 Initial release